(BPT) – Feel the need for a kitchen renovation? If so, you’re not alone. Fifty-three percent of homeowners believe that now is a good time to remodel, according to a recent survey by Houzz.com. When deciding on where kitchen renovationthe makeover begins, look no farther than the kitchen. Kitchens are a major selling point for homebuyers, so a kitchen remodel is good for the home-selling price. Even if you have no plans to move, the kitchen gets more traffic than any other area of a home and serves as the family hub, so it deserves the attention. To ensure a successful project, keep in mind these kitchen-remodeling tips: Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – Whether you seek soft, elegant hues to contrast a dark room or striking grain patterns and rich colors for a bold look, exotic hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture and trim can help create eye-catching interiors for your kitchen renovation.

In recent years, though, some homeowners considering diy flooring have shied away from hardwoods because of concerns with illegal logging and deforestation. Thanks to responsible forestry practices, sustainable forestry certification and manufacturer innovation, visually appealing hardwoods can now be part of an environmentally conscious home. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – The bathroom and the kitchen – are there any other rooms that see more traffic? Whether it’s battling family members for mirror space on busy mornings or milling around the stove as dinner cooks, they are the two rooms that are guaranteed to get the most use. Naturally, your diy flooring should be functional and good-looking, but more and more, people are demanding that these high-traffic spaces also be environmentally friendly.

Bath and kitchen renovations are also two areas which can yield the best return on investment. If you’re selling a home, they can add exponentially to its value, or take away from it if they’re not up to date. But in a difficult housing market, it’s a popular option to do renovations for personal enjoyment – not just for potential buyers. And with the proliferation of green products on the home design market, it’s easier than ever to make earth-friendly choices. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – DIY Wood flooring are a beloved part of a home, and are also a great investment that can boost your home’s value by up to $10,000, according to the Hardwood Information Center.

The wood care experts who make Murphy Oil Soap have some advice on how to keep your floors looking shiny and beautiful.

* The first key to maintaining your wood diy flooring is to know what type of finish you have.
Most wood floors installed after the 1960s are finished with polyurethane, which hardens into layers of solid plastic sheets on the surface of the wood. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – In addition to decking the halls of your home this holiday season, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests with a little DIY flooring updating in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms with simple and inexpensive home-improvement projects.  With a few easy steps and just one basic tool, these projects can be done on a budget and make a big impact:

Repair broken floor tiles/install new tiles

To spruce up the bathroom or kitchen, repair broken tiles and install new ones.  Try using the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool for best results.  Insert a grout blade into the oscillating tool and orient the blade on the tool so you can best access all four sides of the broken tile.  For hard set grout, use the maximum speed; softer and less-set grout can be worked at a medium speed.  Keep the blade at a right angle to the floor, being careful not to knick the remaining good tile. Remove all the old tile and dust. Read the rest of this entry

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