(ARA) – Over the years, the kitchen has morphed from a space strictly used to chop, dice, chat and dine, into a domestic sanctuary where all household activity takes place. This increase in activity has made the kitchen a very busy place. In order to keep kitchen chaos to a minimum, cabinet manufacturers are offering more time-saving accessories to make kitchen cabinets design more functional and practical without compromising style.

“As families continue to spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house, homeowners want customizing options that are convenient, provide extra storage space and make their life easier,” says Connie Edwards, certified kitchen designer, certified bathroom designer and director of design for Shenandoah Cabinetry. Edwards offers some valuable tips when remodeling your kitchen, so that your cabinetry can work harder for you, whatever the chore:

Food Prep:

Specialty drawer inserts can help free up countertop space and speed up food preparation:

* A cutlery divider keeps silverware organized.
* Spice drawer inserts organize spice bottles and keeps their labels up, offering quick and easy access in the cooking area.
* A knife section insert protects knives and keeps them close at hand while chopping.
* Drawers that act as double duty — regular drawer storage plus a cutting board — maximize drawer space and keep the cutting board within an arms reach.


Base cabinet accessories are practical and particularly amenable to cooking:

* A roll-out tray divider slides out of the cabinet, keeping cookie sheets, muffin tins and serving trays upright and easy to access.
* A roll-out base pot and pan organizer brings everything into view, keeping pots, pans and lids easily accessible and organized.
* A base liter bottle cabinet is ideal for storing tall bottles, such as olive oil, cooking wines, and soy sauce, and keeps them handy when cooking.


When storing cleaning products in the kitchen, think about all the hidden spaces; under the countertop is a space just waiting to be utilized and organized:

* Tilt-out trays keep sinks and countertops clear of sponges and scrub brushes.
* A sink base door storage kit puts the back of your sink door to good use, keeping cleaning solutions handy.
* A wastebasket that slides out when the cabinet door is pulled forward is a great way to hide garbage with attractive cabinetry and can even be used for recyclables.


Storage continues to be the number one concern among consumers, and there many attractive accessories available to manage this task:

* Turn utility cabinet doors into super storage bins and add swing out cabinets to maximize storage potential; shelves swing forward, so nothing gets lost.
* Pole-free Lazy Susans in base and wall cabinets provide more valuable shelf space and keep items in clear view.
* Tame the clutter of grocery store bags with a storage container/dispenser that attaches to the back of the cabinet door.
* An appliance garage is a terrific way to keep the counter clear of clutter by using it to tuck away blenders, mixers and coffee pots.
* A built-in wine rack creates an eye-catching storage solution for wine lovers, and stem glass holders create a beautiful home for glassware and save cabinet space.

Visit your local home center and talk to a kitchen cabinets designer about what kinds of cabinetry options and organizational accessories are available to fit your lifestyle. Shenandoah Cabinetry, sold exclusively at Lowe’s, recently launched a new OrganizationOptions program, offering even more options to help save time, control clutter and maximize storage. For more information and to view an assortment of kitchen design ideas, visit www.shenandoahcabinetry.com.

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Organized Kitchen Cabinets Design

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