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(ARA) – Over the years, the kitchen has morphed from a space strictly used to chop, dice, chat and dine, into a domestic sanctuary where all household activity takes place. This increase in activity has made the kitchen a very busy place. In order to keep kitchen chaos to a minimum, cabinet manufacturers are offering more time-saving accessories to make kitchen cabinets design more functional and practical without compromising style.

“As families continue to spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house, homeowners want customizing options that are convenient, provide extra storage space and make their life easier,” says Connie Edwards, certified kitchen designer, certified bathroom designer and director of design for Shenandoah Cabinetry. Edwards offers some valuable tips when remodeling your kitchen, so that your cabinetry can work harder for you, whatever the chore: Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – Car keys. Mobile phones. Sunglasses. Not to mention backpacks, tote bags and the afternoon mail. Stuff. We all have it and most of us struggle with a convenient place to hide it. With our busy, come-and-go lifestyles, the kitchen tends to be the catch-all for everything that passes through and our countertops tend to absorb the brunt of it. But there are many organizational lifesavers that can help you literally get a grip on things in your kitchen, entry area or any other room. The solution to feeling organized may be as close as your kitchen cabinets design. According to a recent study by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), when homeowners were asked to pick from a list of products they’d want in their dream kitchens, “customized storage solutions for cabinets” topped the list.

“As much as we’d all like to slow down our hurried schedules, it seems nearly impossible most days; but organization can be key to de-stressing when we are at home,” says Cathy Hitz, brand manager for Diamond Cabinets. “A few changes in your kitchen cabinetry can make a world of difference in getting your home – and your life – more organized.” Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – Homeowners embarking on a kitchen renovation typically must select the style, the quality of craftsmanship and the materials that meet their unique values and project goals. With the pressing need to increase energy efficiency and conserve resources, green kitchen cabinets design continues to gain in popularity.

“Incorporating green elements into a kitchen remodel is no longer considered just a passing fad, but a way of life,” says Dick Titus, executive vice president of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). “Homeowners feel a social responsibility to choose products that are safe for the environment and their family’s welfare.” Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – When you think of a “contemporary” kitchen cabinets design, what enters your mind? A sleek and contrasty Euro-style loft kitchen?  A soothingly balanced Asian-inspired kitchen?  What about a ’50s throwback kitchen with colorful appliances, pastel walls and a starburst clock?

According to kitchen industry experts, all these kitchens could be called “contemporary” because of a 21st century desire to blend clean modern lines with a whole new world of influences.

“We’ve shrunk the oceans,” says Andy Wells, head of product design for Decora Cabinets, an Indiana-based manufacturer of semi-custom cabinets sold through 1,000 kitchen dealerships nationwide. “Contemporary used to be about achieving a particular fashionable look. Now, since people are exposed to more international culture, we’ve lost our inhibitions about mixing different styles together. Even America is developing its own different subcategories of modern looks.” . Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – One of the greatest qualities of custom kitchen cabinets design is that it is built to your exact specifications – finish, door style and wood species, with no detail overlooked. Using time-honored construction techniques such as mortise and tenon, each cabinet is handmade, allowing you to maximize storage space so that every square inch of your kitchen is utilized properly and beautifully. custom-kitchen-cabinets design

With custom cabinetry, the possibilities are truly endless – take, for example, the different style options: traditional, transitional, contemporary, country, colorful, small and everything in between. When choosing a custom cabinetry line, it is important to work with a professional kitchen and bath designer who will be sure no detail is forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

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