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A strategic approach to renovation:

DIY kitchens with remodel-lite projects

(ARA) – If DIY kitchens are on your mind in today’s challenging economy, you’re taking a look at how you spend your hard-earned dollars. And while you may not have the necessary budget to tackle a major home improvement project, there are many homeowners who are choosing a more strategic approach to remodeling – by refreshing kitchens and undertaking small projects one at a time.

This new methodology toward the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement is something that is quickly growing, goes beyond quick fixes and simple decor updates and actually involves a completely new mindset. This concept is so relevant, in fact, that the researchers at Moen, the No. 1 faucet brand in North America, have identified it as a home improvement trend: “remodel-lite.” Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – Taking a tired kitchen from drab to fab is an easy goal to achieve on any budget. All you need is a little paint, a few decorating elements and some diy kitchens creativity.

In the summer, most activity moves to the great outdoors. Porches, patios and decks are the official “heart center” of most homes during the warm weather months, especially at mealtimes. Instead of congregating in the kitchen as they do in the colder season, families tend to gather on the patio to enjoy dinner and recap the day’s events. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – We’ve all seen DIY kitchens paint jobs gone wrong, with thin spots, drips and streaks. Paint, however, isn’t usually the culprit of a bad kitchen paint job. But cutting corners while prepping a space is.

By following the right steps prior to painting, and using the right painting tools, you’ll be sure to have a refreshed kitchen space that looks like it was painted by a professional.

Assess The Situation

A major factor to consider when starting a new project is the condition of the walls and cleanliness of the surfaces you want to paint. Item number one on the pre-painting checklist is to inspect the wall. Any loose paint, holes or cracks should be fixed before priming, and especially before painting. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – There’s nothing quite like the look of a new counter-top to give DIY kitchens style and personality. Perhaps that’s why countertop replacement ranked second only to cabinet replacement when homeowners considered a kitchen renovation project.

Unfortunately, with counter-top prices at $10 to $30 per square foot for laminate and up to $200 per square foot for high-end granite, counter-top replacement can be a real budget buster. But what if you could transform your outdated laminate counter-top without the time, mess or expense associated with replacing it? Now, it’s easy thanks to innovative, do-it-yourself coating systems like Modern Masters Countertop Transformations.

“Homeowners today are looking for counter-top materials that are durable and functional, yet appeal to their sense of style. Since the kitchen occupies a highly visible space in most homes, some homeowners would rather delay replacement than settle for anything less,” says brand manager Ashley Lehrmann. “Fortunately, now there’s an affordable alternative that gives old laminate counter-tops a premium designer finish without the expense or mess associated with replacement.”

Countertop Transformations replicates the look of today’s most sought after counter-top materials – like natural stone – and gives old laminate counter-tops a durable finish in less than a weekend – for less than $275. And, the system is so easy to use that anyone who can paint can get beautiful DIY kitchen results in three simple steps. Read the rest of this entry

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(ARA) – We turn to technology to make many aspects of our lives easier – from traveling with a GPS to staying connected with loved ones via social networking Web sites. It’s no surprise, then, that DIY kitchens, the most-used room in the home, are becoming increasingly high tech.

A study commissioned by a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer showed that a third of respondents spend three to four hours in the kitchen each day, and 20 percent spend five or more hours. The survey also showed that Americans are embracing technologies in this room, with nearly half of the respondents reporting they want a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Responding to the demand for technology, manufacturers are offering new gadgets and products designed to make kitchen tasks easier, faster and more energy-efficient:

Read the rest of this entry

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